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Traditional Business

We are brewing our own German beer and sell it online, sell it in shops, in restaurants, on festivals and wherever people drink beer.

In Germany, Europe and in many parts of the world!

In addition we provide advertising services for entepreneurs. You may have your advertising offline on our beer bottles, or online on our plattfor. We have extravagant and effective promotion methods.

In the meantime, we run a thriving "Hüttengaudi" pub, where we promote and monetise our delicious beer. Further bar openings are planned.

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Modern Business

The modern part of our Business is that we give our online-platform members the opportunity to be a part of our success: Members can buy "BeerPacks" for their own, refer new members and customers and earn on commissions.

Plus: We share all of our online and offline profits to our active members. Worldwide! Every single day!

Yes! We share our profits - and only the profits from real income of course - with our active advertisers, give them commissions on every customer they refer. You can even have you beer for free. Register and check out, how!


Become a member of our community and be a part of our success.

Beer Packages

Beer Packages

Members can buy so called BeerPacks to get some well-tasting german beers and giveaways shipped to their home trough our onlineshop.

Advertising Solutions

Advertising Solutions

Advertising platform that allows our members to advertise their products and services but which lets them also earn from their online promotional activities.

Earning Program

Earning Program

Members can earn very high commissions on every 'BeerPack' and on many other income streams within our platform - AND from our offline-sells.


Drink beer and earn good money online.

Of course we want to make our business profitable in a long term. That's why we use the power of the internet with thousands of enthusiastic people that want to earn money and have a real value for their efforts.

That real product is our self-brewed beer that we brew with traditional recipes regarding the "German Beer Purity Law" from the year 1516.

We also share the profits from our traditional beer sales business with all active members of BeerBiz.pro.

It has never been easier to do something social and earn good money before!

Advertising Platform

Advertising Platform

BeerBiz is the exclusive gateway which helps our members to promote existing businesses and attract new customers, as well as offering substantial income streams for the active members.

Beer Friends

Beer Friends Drink & Earn

We also offer so called BeerPacks for those of our members that like traditional german beer or want to make a pleasure to a good friend. For every BeerPack you can even get cashbacks of up to 120%!

Access to Everything

Access to Everything

Once a person has registered, at no cost, to become a member of BeerBiz, this person can access to the platform, buy advertising services or beer and be a part of our community to save traditions for the next generations.


Use the BeerBiz advertising platform to drive new members to your existing business or find new prospects and customers!

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Massive Traffic To Your Website!

You can promote your business, services, products, affiliatelinks and blogs using language-targeted banners, textads, PTC-ads, login-ads and logout-ads, videos and innovative "BeerAds". We are servicing your ads very fast and in an effective way.

Income Streams

Your Multiple Income Streams

You can earn Referral Commissions of up to 50% when you bring new customers into your advertising business. Plus you can earn 100% Matching Bonus on the PTC clicks of your customers. Yes! You can earn in multiple ways using our advertising platform.


Bonuses And Activity Discounts

You can receive large activity discounts on your own advertising purchases plus you can avail of promotional bonuses to promote your business. With BeerBiz it is a win-win situation for our members and their customers.